Did You Know?

  • Expertise
    • Our primary builder is a Certified Log Home Builder with 18 years of direct industry experience. There are approximately only 38 certified Log Home Builders in B.C.
  • R Value
    • Wood’s cellular structure, with many tiny air pockets, improves its natural thermal efficiency, making it 400 times better than steel and 10 times better than concrete in resisting the flow of heat.
  • Safety
    • Log and Timber structures provide greater stability during natural disasters like earthquakes, fires and hurricanes than standard wood framed, steel framed or concrete structures. + Learn more here
  • Environment
    • Using wood as a building material is an exceptional environmentally conscious choice. Wood is renewable, sustainable and aids in carbon absorption and storage.
      + Learn more here
  • Wood First Policy
    • The Wood First Act is being promoted and implemented by many municipalities. Find out more about this important government initiative to better utilize wood as a primary building material at www.cwc.ca
  • Apprenticeship Program
    • Together with ITABC, we offer a Log Building Apprenticeship program. Our certified log home builder is a gifted teacher and appreciates an enthusiastic pupil.
Our Vision

Our goal as a business is to invest in the incredible advantages of BC wood, creating structurally solid and classically designed log and timber products while strengthening and building our family, community, province and country.