Wood is an ingenious invention of nature. It is beautiful, light and strong to build with, and warm and welcoming to live with. In Canada, we appreciate and value our vast forests, and manage them sustainably. Canadian wood products offer outstanding versatility and value both as a building material and as an environmental choice.

- 'Canadian Wood' Publication

Our Standards

As a small business highly dependant on a natural resource and located in a beautiful rural community, we know that contributing to a sustainable economy and environment is in all our best interests.

The production of Log and Timber structures as a general rule is an environmentally and economically smart choice:

  • Utilizes a natural, local, renewable resource
  • Wood absorbs and stores carbon dioxide.
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  • Approximately 70% of the construction is hand crafted or built with small handheld power tools
  • Whenever possible dead standing wood is used for building as is provides the most stable material
  • See "Why build with wood!"
  • Wood is the only major building material that is renewable in a sustainable fashion. Learn more (.PDF)

Additional Options

  • Replacing standard chainsaw oil with Canola Oil
    • Chainsaw bar oil is used solely to lubricate the chain. This oil ends up on the ground therefore using Canola oil, a plant based substance obtained from a renewable resource, is an economical option.
  • Using Beetle-killed Pine exclusively for projects
    • Ponderosa Pine is available in mass quantity is our region
    • Use of Beetle-killed Pine helps regulate the demand on live forest
  • Eco-friendly wood finishes -

Current Projects

  • We are currently exploring the benefits of using the readily available Beetle-killed Pine more extensively
  • Supporters of the Government of B.C.’s Wood First Initiative
  • "Wood First Act received Royal Assent on October 29, 2009 and is intended to facilitate a culture of wood for construction in British Columbia." B.C. ‘s Ministry of Forest. Co-signees of the Proposal put forth for the City of Enderby to pass a bylaw supporting the Wood First Initiative. Council has approved the proposal and the bylaw was passed September 2010
  • We are investigating the possibility of acquiring FSC or SFI chain of custody certification. Learn more

Local Municipal Supporters

Our Vision

Our goal as a business is to invest in the incredible advantages of BC wood, creating structurally solid and classically designed log and timber products while strengthening and building our family, community, province and country.